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This site presents the books that I have authored along with the general theme of these books that to Train the Brain is one of the most important things you can do.

To keep the site more interesting there are a lot of freebies scattered throughout this site's pages and tremendous opportunities to expand yourself by following the links.


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Building power attractions to bring magic into your life by metaphysical means and to develop your mind to keep it supple and active are the thrusts of my books and this site.
Study the Runes and all about the Law of Attraction to give you the power to:

  • center your life around healing the body
  • enjoy continued health
  • have success with love and family matters
  • expand yourself with travel
  • prosper in money and business
  • as well as building a good life
Learn from the book ASPS to fully and congruently love yourself, and all is possible.

The psychic training in these books and manuals lets you travel attuned to the music of the spheres by creating mental movies of your desires, and then see them come true. These mental pictures coupled with:

  • prayers
  • affirmations and
  • the manifesting rituals
found in these books are famous for creating miracles.

The books are a good beginning as in Goethe's words:

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

The Train the Brain emphasis of this site works to let you develop your mental powers to succeed with psychic manifestation and the Law of Attraction by building a base foundation for your efforts.
The link sites featured here help you in in a multitude of ways to develop your brain and the body that is its temple.

Healthy body, healthy mind! = POWERFUL MIND!
This AwenMan site is here to empower you in the positive mystic energies of manifesting and to wish you well in the journey on your path. To paraphrase a very ancient Egyptian prayer and join it to a modern one:

May the Force be with you
along all the dark and empty paths you must walk!





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   RnR Runes and Remedies
   Charmed Life Trilogy

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   The body is the temple of the mind

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Ravens RuneCaster
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If none of the above spark interest 
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otherwise forward and onward - the rewards are rich!

Work Smarter
Not Harder

Brain Age
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the Brain Food
"I know that I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing."

Mental prowess and development are our supreme achievements as evolved humans. Our brains are a composite of three brains built on top of each other. The three brains are interdependent and interlinked but in the very broadest general terms they can still be divided into what they performed originally and best.

Our large human forebrain is what make us special, gives us consciousness of self the way no other animal comes even near to possessing, and rightly gives rise to the adage: "the mind is a terrible thing to waste." Equally powerful and in need of training is what Freud called the Id, the unconscious part of the mind. I use the old Celtic word for spirit, Awen, which held the same unconscious mind meaning  for them. (The Celts understood it as a "black box" concept.)

Modern research shows that the the human brain is very plastic and able to grow and repair itself at any age. Exercising the brain is one of the best ways to stave off the common senility of old age, it even dramatically decreases your chances of developing Alzheimer's. This site has lots of information and links on how to exercise and develop the brain; BUT YOU HAVE TO USE IT AND DO IT.

Section I a  -  My Books

The ancient Runes to use in divination and healing
With RnR Runes and Remedies you have the Power Quartet when combined with the Charmed Life Trilogy described below.
RnR Runes and Remedies is the most popular of all my books and so is listed here first.

View More Details on RnR Runes and Remedies
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The undiscovered country of the mind
Mental powers that science does not understand

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A Charmed Life is living in a land of milk and honey where everything serendipitously goes your way. This life can be achieved in two ways:

  1. with the help of external Stones of Power or
  2. much more difficultly from a self-actualized mental state

Acquiring and using the Stones of Power to achieve a Charmed Life is the subject of Fabulous Fortune Forever. Achieving that right mindset for a self-actualized Charmed Life is the role of the trilogy of the books, each covering a different aspect, that together are the Charmed Life Trilogy.


FABULOUS FORTUNE FOREVER. This is the first book of the trilogy that lays the foundation. It explains the concept of living a Charmed Life, one that we sometimes enviously see others live. The book shows how to live the Charmed Life ourselves by acquiring the Stones of Power, the simpler way to achieve a Charmed Life. The Stones of Power are the:

  • Philosopher’s Stone of good Karma
  • Attractor Stone of great luck
  • Diviner Stone of gnostic knowing (deep insight)
The book further shows how to proactively supplement the activity of the stones with the energies of the Runes. It does not tell you how to fully self-actualize the process as that detailed study is covered by the other two books of the trilogy.

The Stones of Power described in this book are the base of your Fabulous Fortune Forever and are the first step towards self-actualization; as well as continuous insurance against naturally occurring temporary lapses in ones positive frame of mind of self-actualization. 

If you  read only one book then this is the one to read to give you a Charmed Life of Fabulous Fortune Forever.


ACCESSING AWEN  is the second book of the trilogy that takes you to new heights in living your Charmed Life. The age old admonishment  is that you must ask to receive. Accessing Awen shows you how to invoke the Law of Attraction so as to attract your deepest desires into your life.  In this book you create the strong Dream Legacies of your wants so that your wishes are manifested to you. The book takes you the step beyond just having great luck and positive synchronicity.

The Buddha said that your past is responsible for most, but not all, of your future. This is your natural Attractor Stone that deals with enhancing the other 20% beyond the good Karma that is brought to you with the power stones of Fabulous Fortune Forever.


ASPS is the third book of the trilogy and deals with overcoming Dragon Legacies of the mind. As the Buddha said: Karma is what you attract into your life because of how you have lived before; more specifically attracting with the mindset you have created through your past daily living. Your life before is ensconced in your mind as Legacies so you have to rid yourself of the influence of the ones that will attract unwanted Karma, the Dragon Legacies. 

Unless you have a clear image of what you want you are forever just attracting the confused mental background noise and the Dragon Legacies of your mind.  The book was primarily written to overcome Dragon Legacy problems with manifesting with the Law of Attraction but it is also your natural Philosopher’s Stone that will secure 80% of your future by giving you the right mindset.


Stand Alone but More Powerful as a Set
                The Charmed Life Trilogy is three stand-a-lone books that can be used independently and that cover more than just acquiring a self-actualized mindset for a Charmed Life. Together they do however hold the elements to achieve self-actualization for a Charmed Life if that is your goal. A workbook is also highlighted on the book web page.


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the mind




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Section I b  -  Articles
(Victory Plus is the articles page for this site)

Victory Plus

A cornucopia of articles on many topics

To Be All You Can Be
This page is a potpourri of items that should be of interest
includes links to many Freebies on this site

Featured Article


At the bottom of the Victory Plus page is a small program
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Section I c  -  On Other Sites
TRAIN the BRAIN material


The mind is a terrible thing to waste
Just like a muscle the brain will atrophy without exercise


Highly successful programs that are not expensive

Excellent web based training
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more TRAIN the BRAIN material

Amazon - USA Program Your Mind for Success
My Brain Trainer ExerStrider From The Teachers of "The Secret"
Jim Rohn FREE E-zine Wellness Belt The New Science of Speed Reading
Mindsparkle Brain Fitness Pro Sears Canada Amazon - Canada

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to peruse this plethora of material

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Section I d  - Books, books and more books!
  *Books are the classic great brain trainers*
The major book site


 The American giant for books and more

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Books, books and more books
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The body is the temple of the mind

 Physical health is only secondary to mental health. Our bodies are the temple of the mind. This is reflected in the breakfast programs run by some schools as it has been well demonstrated and shown that children learn best when first properly nourished. Training the brain starts with a healthy body.

Optimum health means optimum brain power


Aging and entropy mean that our bodies have an ever harder time to cleanse at the vitally important basic cellular level. Our body cells are like car engines that need to remove the "combustion" byproducts of nutrient "burning" to sustain life. Exercise and diet won't reverse this cleansing slowdown so the only known successful way to combat this ravage of time and help our body do its work is this product.
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Increasing Cellular Glutathione can

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Study after study after study has shown that exercise is the closest thing we have to a Fountain of Youth and the medieval alchemist's Philosopher Stone of magical good health. Study after study also shows that diet alone is not enough to keep body weight in check but must also include exercise. The exciting thing is that research shows that exercise can help stave off dementia, restore growth of brain neurons, and in general actually make you smarter!
Double the health benefits and build upper body strength too!
You don’t have to buy expensive exercise machines, join a health club or hire a personal trainer
to achieve total fitness. Exerstrider poles and my easy to learn techniques turn walking into a fun
and more effective total body exercise with benefits similar to cross country or “Nordic” skiing.
Now you can work smarter, not harder to build more fitness in less time!
Exerstrider Fitness smarter, not harder

Another way to work smarter and not harder

 the benefits of exercise can only be reaped if it is done
"In practical matters the end is not
mere speculative knowledge
of what is to be done
but rather the doing of it!"

so listen to Goethe's words as quoted near the top of this page: "begin it"

end of TRAIN the BRAIN  II
The body is the temple of the mind
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Ravens RuneCaster

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Find out what your Higher Self knows about the events of your day. This Runecast is real and personalized to you - completely unlike the vague daily horoscopes found in many newspapers where a one size fits all forecast is supposed to fit all the millions of readers. 
Besides a reading for the day you can also question your Higher Self through this Ravens RuneCaster program about anything of interest to you.

Doing a Runecast is contacting your Higher Self which in turn is your opening to the higher realms.  Using Ravens RuneCaster is your Awen Higher Self gateway to useful sources like your Higher Self, other world entities and  the Akashic Record (that is held to hold all knowledge, past and present.) You can find out more about Runes and runecasts in the RnR Runes and Remedies book listed above,

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Combine the two meanings to get an answer to your question
or for a revelation of the near future.
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Rune Healing

The mind is a fabulous healer, miraculously even curing chronic “incurable” diseases like terminal cancer. The mind is such a great healer because some researchers estimate that 80% and more of illnesses originate in some way because of the mind. What the mind can inflict, the mind can cure! So just sit back and think that you are well! Nothing happened? The mind needs a catalyst to act as a healer.

The catalyst par excellence is created by applying Rune Healing. Rune Healing is actually doubly blessed. First Rune Healing sets in motion what is called your Awen in the book Accessing Awen.  Awen is the “spirit” of the subconscious realm of your mind; the genie that includes your Higher Self along with other subconscious functions and directs your body’s resources to do the healing.  Secondly Rune Healing also directly activates your Higher Self to use the Higher Self’s faculty to invoke Cosmic Energy to heal; this is often called psychic healing. Does all this sound very esoteric? Yes it is something that does not come naturally and is why you must diligently practice the Rune Healing rituals until they become so ingrained that the healing flows naturally. This ingraining is easier than it sounds, all it takes is practice, practice and more practice. 

This learning curve also means that you should never, ever, stop seeing a doctor and following his advice. Rune Healing is a miracle cure but should always be used as an adjunct to a physician’s care. The immediate benefit of Rune Healing is to make you feel good that you are taking a proactive and involved role in your renewed health. To understand Runes you must read RnR Runes and Remedies but Rune Healing can be completely and successfully done with just what is found in this Rune Healing monogram. Then you can surprise your doctor by his having to give you a clean bill of health instead of his having you as his patient forever!

If you want to get better, follow Goethe’s advice:
“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Rune Healing works and can perform miracles that your doctor cannot. Your success however depends on your abilities, an unknown, so always continue with your doctor’s ministrations. Then start practicing Rune Healing and build your abilities until you do succeed!
Download the eBooks from the AwenMan store

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download: Cdn$2.99
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The undiscovered country of the mind
Mental powers that science does not understand

Fortune telling with FREE downloaded the RuneCaster Group Windows program


The interpretation given any result from RuneCaster is at the sole discretion of the person giving the interpretation. For example: what one person would interpret as an unfavorable result, someone else could interpret the same result positively as applying to a negative situation and thus giving a favorable result. Since an interpretation is solely at the discretion of the interpreter, RuneCaster nor anyone associated with the creation, production or distribution of RuneCaster can be held responsible for any interpretation or the results of any actions stemming from such an interpretation. Furthermore, in compliance with various local laws, RuneCaster is distributed solely for the amusement and entertainment of the user.